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Description of Bevq Apk BevQ app is an app launched by Kerala State beverages corporation limited. Bevq

Description of Bevq Apk

BevQ app is an app launched by Kerala State beverages corporation limited. Bevq app has been launched for making sure that you can book your place in a queue in a specific time slot as per your comfort.

After the pandemic covid19, it was very difficult to make sure that people follow social distancing norms. To ensure social distancing while purchasing beverages, bevq app was built & launched.

For booking your place in queue, you need to go for bevq app download. Once you have downloaded the bevq apk, you need to login to the app. For logging in, following information needs to be filled in bevq play store:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Pincode

You have to accept the terms & conditions before continuing with the booking after bevq app download free.

There is an option to choose the language in bevq app download play store. You can either continue with the default English language or you can switch the app language to Malayalam after bevq apk download.

Once you have logged in to the app, You can choose the time slot & the outlet in which you want to book the time slot for your place in queue.

Once booking is confirmed, the information related to the booking will be visible to you immediately on the app screen. You are supposed to go to the outlet at that booked time only.

Kerala state bevq app is an app which has been downloaded by more than 1 million users. More than 68,000 users have given the rating to this app & the average rating of kerala beverages bevq app is 3.8 stars.

5 star reviews of BevQ Apk

Downloading and booking is easy. Having a separate entry for premium members, would be appreciable. For the simple reason that social distance practice is followed better, by them.

~ Yazdy Palia has rated 5 star on 23 December 2020

In the initial stage this app was very poor. Now it’s superb??????. No issues where ever you are. No issues to choose your outlet. Everything is perfect after the latest update..

~ Rahul H has rated 5 star on 6 September 2020

Now it is possible to change the pincode and outlet choice. This is a good move. People prefer Bevco outlets particularly premium ones where there is variety. BevQ has become better and useful, kudos! BevQ needs to incorporate the retail cost price of the various liquors sold through Bevco outlets.

~ Raghavendra Bhat has rated 5 star on 10 September 2020

4 star reviews of BevQ Apk

Need a suggestion/feedback form tab inside the app. Please include the item details with MRP also which will be helpful for buyers to choose there favourite brand. Doesn’t matter if the stock list is not updated for each outlet. It’s not mandatory to know the stocklist because it’s not validate and updated in real time. Include the items available under BEVCO and the pricelist which will be most appreciated. Thanks

~ aby joseph has rated 4 star on 6 November 2020

very convenient, my suggestion is that let us see the available items in each outlets under selected pin code during the appointed time. so that one could select one’s needed item. Payment option may be incorporated in the app. That will be convenient. If did not take delivery the amount may be lying credited in favour of the applicant till he utilize it.

~ Francis Isaac has rated 4 star on 7 October 2020

Very nice experiance. Evry time getting Bev Co and Bar Interchangebly. No issues. From the begining onwards. My request is please provide the custemer to choose the outlet and stock availbility in that out let. I know it has some dificulty due to storage and core connection. But keep trying one day it will success.

~ Nikhil raveendran has rated 4 star on 29 August 2020

3 star reviews of BevQ Apk

Giving 3 stars because the booking time is not convenient, i work in an outlet .when some customer asks to book token for them in the morning or show them how to?. I am unable to do so, because booking starts at 12 only. so changing the start time to 9 am will be ok

~ manu kv has rated 3 star on 24 September 2020

Want my drink directly from Beverage. Not bar. Always i get bar. Don’t like it. I believe in quality of corpn. Bars issue duplicate materials also.

~ Sailesh Raju has rated 3 star on 28 August 2020

just like film booking, give time slots of 2 hr each.. so that people can easily access..

~ Hareesh Sh has rated 3 star on 29 August 2020

2 star reviews of BevQ Apk

Worst app…doesn’t get otp…cant sign in…the big mistake by Kerala Government. Please include location service so that it wil be easy to locate outlet. Also show near by outlet when the location service is on .

~ Aristo VJ has rated 2 star on 31 August 2020

After the recent update to select pincode, the results have gone haywire. For Trivandrum pincodes it is showing outlets of Kannur and Trissur!

~ Praveen Peter has rated 2 star on 29 August 2020

Now user can select outlet which is a good idea…..if we can provide star rating for each out , it will improve the performace

~ Sony Joseph has rated 2 star on 28 August 2020

1 star reviews of BevQ Apk

While this app helps you book you cannot change or cancel your booking. No social distancing protocol was followed at the alloted time and no separate que was present. So a loss for their business. Not worth the risk

~ Nihal Jp has rated 1 star on 24 December 2020

It was working smooth, why did you give it a feature upgrade and crash the entire app? Its not working at all. atleast try some load balancing method or revert it back to what it was. This is totally unprofeasional guys.

~ Sherin Sudarsanan has rated 1 star on 29 August 2020

Wonderfully bad. I am staying at kadavanthra amidst three premium outlets. Never since the inception of this app did I got routed to these outlets. Invariably it will be some bar, farthest beings one at karimugal. What a choice.

~ Roy Joseph has rated 1 star on 29 August 2020

Download APK(9.7MB)

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